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I like New York in June, how 'bout you?

Even though I've been to New York City many times (I tried to sit down and count the other day, and found that I could not), I still discover new things every time I go. Such as:

* Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset.
* The view of lower Manhattan from Brooklyn and Liberty Island.
* My unironic patriotic love for the Statue of Liberty. On the other hand, my feelings about the 9/11 memorials around the World Trade Center are much more mixed.
* Sitting on a rock in Central Park and watching the world go by.
* Bryant Park. Especially the Bryant Park Reading Room.
* The view from the top of Rockefeller Center (aka "Top of the Rock").
* Craft. Not a cheap experience (to put it mildly), but an easy pick for one of my top five meals ever.
* The High Line at night.
* Visiting in the summer. I keep going to New York in the winter for some reason. Summer is so much better. (Especially when you get lucky with the weather and there's never a high above 86 degrees, and it doesn't rain at all.)

More stories and pictures to come, especially pictures once T gets his processed. He has some beauties...

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