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Things that happened while I was away

Try as I might, the world doesn't stop moving when I go on vacation. Here are some things I would likely have written more about if I hadn't been trying to keep up on my phone as they were happening. This is also my official notice that I am as caught up on LJ/DW/Twitter/email/Google Reader as I'm going to get. If you posted something you wanted me to see and I haven't commented on it, or otherwise indicated that I've seen it, drop me a line.

-- Supreme Court says video games are protected speech: Most excellent news, of course. It's not a particularly surprising result, but I'm still glad to see it. Maybe more on this one later.

-- Major fanfiction site is bought by a web developer as a money-maker: Haven't we been here before? Ah, the FanLib debacle. Good times. Of course, you remember how that all turned out: FanLib bought by Disney, then shut down only a couple of months later. Good thoughts on why this new for-profit venture may or may not be a problem from the OTW blog, here.

-- IMF head and accused rapist Dominique Strauss-Kahn will likely go free; he was released from house arrest, and the case against him is falling apart, largely for the same old tired victim blaming reasons we've seen a thousand times before. And yes, presumption of innocence and better to let a thousand guilty men go free than to lock up one innocent and all that. But isn't it funny how so many of those guilty men who go free are those who have been accused of sexual assault?

-- Google+: I received an invite, haven't gotten around to using it yet, but I expect I'll at least poke around. My antipathy toward Facebook is well documented; on the other hand, I get nervous about outsourcing too much of my online life to Google, especially when they bungled their last attempt at social networking so badly (remember the disaster that was the Buzz launch?). What it really comes down to, of course, is that a social networking tool is only as useful as the people who are on it. So I am adopting a wait-and-see attitude. I may end up using Facebook for RL and Google+ for fandom, if enough people migrate.

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