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Hello shiny

So today, T received a gift of an iPad.

But as it happens, T already owns an iPad.

So guess what I have now.


In fact, I have not necessarily been all that keen on the idea of getting an iPad. My mobile computing lusts have been more in the direction of an 11" MacBook Air, because I dream of using it to write on the go without the level of preparation it takes to lug around my laptop, and I'm not sure how suited the iPad will be to that purpose. But I am certainly not going to eschew one that falls into my lap. I'm looking at this is an excellent opportunity to try the iPad out, and see if I'm right that an Air is what I really want. If it turns out the iPad is sufficient after all, awesome; if not, I'm in a much better position to lobby for an Air. Especially once the long-rumored ones with the faster chips come out. *rubs hands together*

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