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Aftermath: the Final chapter

Title: Aftermath
Fandom: FFX-2
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: ~11,000 (Chapter 5); ~1,000 (Epilogue)
Characters: Beclem, Nooj, Maroda, Isaaru, Elma, Lucil
Notes: It's done.

In the terrible aftermath of Operation Mi'ihen, Beclem overhears Auron accusing Kinoc of orchestrating the disaster to bring the Crusaders in line. Angry, he vows to leave the Crusaders and have nothing to do with Yevon ever again. He leaves the beach in disgust and heads for his home in Luca. On the way, he meets Nooj, who is on the run from the Crimson Squad and (unbeknownst to Beclem) the shooting at the Travel Agency. He and Nooj lie low for a few days before traveling to Luca together, where they stay through the final battle with Sin.

After Lady Yuna's speech, which leaves Beclem even more disillusioned with Yevon and its former tools, the summoners, Nooj declares that he is going home to Kilika to help with the rebuilding effort. At a loss for anything else to do, and wanting to continue serving Spira even though the Crusaders are no more, Beclem volunteers to come along. However, after a few months there, he finds that construction work is even less to his liking than doing nothing. Then Lucil arrives from Bevelle and invites them to join the Seekers, the sphere hunting group created by the former priest Trema. After some discussion with Nooj, Beclem agrees to come to Bevelle despite his misgivings at working with former Yevonites.

Once in Bevelle, Beclem is assigned to work with a former guardian: Maroda. They visit Macalania Temple and find that the spheres that were once used to open the Cloister of Trials contain recordings of a fayth being created. Along with Nooj, they decide to visit the other temples and get their spheres before anyone else discovers their value.

Chapter Five: On FF.net / On AO3
Epilogue: On FF.net / On AO3

I feel like I should be making some grand prediction about when the next chapter will finally be ready... but there is no next chapter. Hooray! Thanks, once again, to [personal profile] renay for being my beta, and also to Yuna Flowering, wherever you are, for providing the initial inspiration, and to anyone and everyone who has put up with the long, slow, tortuous waits between chapters. Over four years from posting the first chapter to writing the final word, but it's finally here, and I am so happy to be finished. :)

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