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underwear adventure III - the final chapter

On Wednesday, I went down to a well-reviewed lingerie shop in Palo Alto. They didn't have anything in my size, but the saleslady gave me a referral to another shop. So I call and make an appointment with this woman, aka The Bra Lady. After being measured, poked, prodded, felt up, and lectured on self-care, the proper fit of bras, and letting the Lord into your life by a 85-year old lady with boundless energy, I walked out with a long-line strapless bra and a shaper. It was definitely an experience, and it didn't cost much more than it would have to just buy then in a regular store. She really works the hard sell, though -- it was like being worked over by a used car salesman, except it's your evangelical Christan grandmother.

Anyway, I'm happy to have that done with so that I can go on to the dress fittings. Stay tuned for the next exciting wedding shopping chapter: "Shoe Adventure - The Saga Beings".
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