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Your attention please: awesome things here

1. Final Fantasy folks: muggy_mountain has a modest proposal regarding feedback and remedying the recent lack thereof in our fandom. Check it out, and join in!

2. Avatar fans, or anyone who appreciates awesome television: KORRA. There is a trailer. It is awesome. I might need to watch it another fifteen dozen times.

More info and lots of pictures from the ComicCon panel here. So excited. Is it 2012 yet?

3. I get a weekend! Last week, I did not, so this is much-needed. I kicked it off yesterday evening with a friend's birthday party -- good company, toasted marshmallows, and maybe too much sangria. Today is quality time with T, and tomorrow I anticipate video games, shopping (I need jeans and shoes), and writing. Should be a good time. Hope you all are enjoying yours.

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