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Hello Shiny: Part 2

So a few weeks ago, you may recall that the universe granted me an iPad. At the time, I had every intention of making it my secondary "on the go" computing tool, for those times I didn't want to lug around my ancient and heavy MacBook. Really, I did.

But did anyone think that was going to last?

No, I didn't either. After a weekend of pretending to agonize about it, I went to the Apple Store on Wednesday and walked out with an 11" MacBook Air. One of the new ones, with the faster chips and the 4GB of RAM. I have been tempted by the idea of an Air for quite some time, but this new generation finally pushed me over, because should be powerful enough to serve as my primary computer.

It's only been two days, but I think I'm in love. Full size keyboard, beautiful sharp screen, and so, so lightweight (less than 2.5 lbs). The reported battery life is less than I'd hoped for (not quite 5 hours), but it is so superior to my old machine in every way that I can overlook that.

Not to ding the iPad -- it's a really great for consuming media: games, websurfing, and especially video. It's a handy tool, and I'm glad I have one. But it didn't suit me for writing at all, especially not for extended periods of time. The major reason is the lack of a real keyboard -- I can't touchtype on the virtual keys, and hunt-and-peck is a disaster for my RSI. But also, I like to switch between apps as I write, and that's a lot harder on the iPad. I know many folks swear by full-screen writing, but I don't think it's really for me. For short bursts of writing, sure; it's better than the iPhone for that. But for real, sustained writing (like this very post!), I can already tell that the Air is going to be so, so much better.

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