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Bad Romance

I had every intention of keeping my romantic options open for this first Dragon Age 2 playthrough, with an ultimate goal of a Fenris romance, because, well, Fenris. And I liked the theory of trying to romance a man so thoroughly broken, especially given that we've been siding with mages, which puts us on a bit of a rivalry footing. So that was the plan.

But then...

I mentioned before that the first hook-up was with Isabella -- and somehow all the other characters seemed to know about that, or at least Aveline mentioned it during her romance quest (which was just about the cutest thing ever -- Aveline could use some lessons from Alistair on making awkward flirting look adorable, but she seemed to get her way in the end; T was driving during most of that quest, and he kept picking the romantic dialogue options for Hawke, but it was pretty obvious that Aveline was going to continue to be dense about it -- but I digress). And Anders was dropping some pretty heavy hints, and although they weren't really going anywhere I started thinking about the potential. And then we went on Fenris's personal quest, which was heartbreaking and tragic and seemed to be heading in the right direction, but then it didn't -- he came to Hawke's estate afterwards, but then he left -- and I have to confess I have no idea how to romance Fenris, or at least not how to rival-mance him. He's very stubborn about the whole thing.

So the centerpiece of tonight's gaming session was Anders's personal quest, to uncover the truth about the "Tranquil Solution", and that was intense -- Justice emerges, Anders loses control, Hawke talks him down, and then...

I admit it, I have a serious, serious soft spot for star-crossed lovers, and Anders beset by the threat of Justice seems to be the very definition of it. And the post-quest dialogue with Hawke pulled at my heartstrings and that first kiss... well. Hot. I mean, seriously. Smoking, heart-tugging, oh-my-god hot. Like, "I have now watched that video half a dozen times" hot.

So, I think I am lost, at least for this particular playthrough. Maybe I can make Fenris work another time, or Isabella, or even Merril, but for now I am thoroughly entranced and ready to see where Hawke/Anders will take me. It's not striking me with the force that Alistair/Warden did yet, but... well, who knows? We'll see.

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