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update and critters

Went to the doctor and the news was good -- she was very impressed with my range of motion. So the immobilizer is out and a much lighter-weight sling is in, probably only for a week or so. Physical therapy is next. Probably six months, the doctor said, although the PTs may have a more specific estimate. I blanched a little at the thought of being in therapy so long, although of course I shouldn't really be surprised. Well, whatever it takes. I really don't want to end up back here in another 13 years.

Had dinner with the usual crew yesterday. It was my turn to organize but I was at a loss, so E suggested Rivoli. The food is very good, but the real attraction is the furry animals that live in the lovely little garden out back. The owners put out cat food in order to attract all manner of local wildlife: raccoons, feral cats, possums. Last night we saw three raccoons and a skunk. The latter was a lovely creature with its huge bushy tail and a sleek pelt. The contrast between black and white fur is so striking. I had to control the urge to go out there and pet it (okay, so that wasn't too difficult). And watching raccoons eat and gambol is always fun. They are such clever beasties -- you can see it in their glittering eyes. I wish T had been there with a camera. Oddly enough I can't find any photos out on the web; I'd have thought that other diners might have taken pictures in the past, or that the restaurant itself would have publicity photos, but no luck. Good company, good food, good fuzzy cuteness: just a nice evening all around.
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