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Thanks a lot, Dragon Age 2

So in Dragon Age 2, we somehow triggered a bug in the quest "Justice". Apparently, you can get into a state in which you can't find the Grand Cleric in the Chantry, and so you can't have the conversation you need to trigger the quest completion. All you can do is leave the area. And although the quest is then marked as completed, you can't put Anders back in your party. EVER.

Combine this with the fact that Anders breaks up with Hawke immediately afterwards (and this seems not to be a bug, but just the natural progression of the story), and you can imagine that I was somewhat traumatized. Especially since it took awhile for us to figure out that it was, indeed, a bug, and not what the game intended. It was like losing Alistair at the Landsmeet all over again. Except worse, because at least Alistair wasn't the party's only healer...

At least we have a save not too far back. Assuming I can convince T to replay a couple of quests. He likes having lots of mages in the party, though, so it shouldn't be too hard a sell. If he could have stormed the Gallows to get Bethany back as an option, he would have done it hours ago.

We did finish Legacy today, and I adored it. More on that when I calm down a little.

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