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Notes from a Monday

It was a glitch. ('Ware DA2 spoilers in that entry.) We redid the quest and fixed it. I feel better now.

Also today, I finally made some good progress on my Mega Flare story, which is running much more smoothly now that I've accepted the fact that I'm going to write the Dragon Age/FFXII crossover and that my original idea, the one based on the reversathon prompt, is going to have to go on hold for awhile. (Sorry, Sev. I really do want to write it someday!) Then, on the walk home from Panera, I was bitten by a plot bunny, hard. So the minute I got home, I sat myself down and pounded out a first draft in record time. It might be entirely too self-indulgent to ever polish and publish (honestly, I think it was a reaction of sorts to Saturday's gaming trauma), but we'll see.

Regarding things not relating in one way or another to Dragon Age... tomorrow begins my last week of the Tuesday-Saturday work schedule. I'll work this upcoming Saturday, have Sunday and Monday off, we get a four-day weekend for Labor Day, and then the other librarian and I will switch back to our regular schedules. Being a Saturday Librarian has been an interesting experiment, and in theory I'm not opposed to doing it again, but there were so many exceptions and schedule changes that I never worked the schedule for more than two weeks in a row; I was never really able to settle into a pattern. So we'll see. Meanwhile, four-day weekend coming up! And boy do I ever need one.

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