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Red alert! Goofy fangirl glee ahead!

Ahhhhhh yes. At last, King Alistair makes his entrance. From the moment his letter appeared on our writing desk, a permanent grin plastered itself on my face, and nothing has yet happened to wipe it away.

I don't care that it was, at most, a five minute appearance, that he didn't really ask us to do anything, that it was almost totally irrelevant to the plot. He could have walked into Kirkwall, said hello, and walked out, and that would have been fine with me. Instead, we got a nice little conversation in which he manages to be cute and awkward and kingly all at once. Just a glimpse of how he has grown into his role over the past six years. The argument with Meredith, and the nod to his high esteem for mages (influenced by his friendship with Wynne, perhaps?) and low esteem for templars. The little nod to Anders regarding their shared Grey Warden past -- and interesting, that he no longer considers himself a Warden. "She has a name, you know." None of it earthshattering, really, and not quite as squeeworthy as his Awakening cameo (the lack of any overt mention of his relationship with the Warden drops it to second place among my all-time favorite Alistair cameo appearances), but still, I am happy. Very, very happy. ;)

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