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Fandom projects galore!

Hey, fandom folks! Check out all this STUFF going on!

1. DOINK! (aka [community profile] ff_exchange) presents: Chocobo Races! A team-and-points based competition to see who can create the most Chocobo Down. I always write a CD story or two, and this sounds like a fun incentive. Come join me on Team Tonberry! (Or, you know, if you must choose Team Cactaur, I suppose that's okay, too.) Rules are here, sign-ups are here. You don't need to have participated in FFEX in the past.

2. Another round of [community profile] newgameplus is open for sign-ups through Saturday, and they are looking for more players! I confess, I am waffling a little on this one: partly because I'm a little nervous about offering in Dragon Age when I haven't finished DA2 yet, partly because I'm worried about making a hard commitment that overlaps with the Mega Flare timeframe, partly because I'm having a hard time coming up with request prompts. But I really want to play -- I haven't done one of the regular exchanges in this community yet, and I'd like to. Fortunately I have a few days to decide yet.

3. Speaking of Mega Flare... don't forget that sign-ups for artists are still open! I kind of can't believe that the rough draft deadline is only a few weeks away. Where did August go? My story is progressing, though, and considering that I completely threw out my old idea and started with a new one just two weeks ago, I think I'm doing okay. At some point I may need to ask for some help; none of my usual brainstorming partners have played Dragon Age, and I miss having other minds to bounce ideas around with.

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