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Lyrics game for a Friday

You all know the drill. Guess the songs from the first lines. iTunes et. al. yes, Google no. No duplicate artists. Includes my first attempt at a theme section! Answers for last week.

  1. Switch off the mind and let the heart decide
    who you were meant to be
    Flick to remote and let the body glide
    There is no enemy
    - "Windpower", Thomas Dolby, unguessed

  2. This is a story of seven brothers - "Love is Stronger Than Justice", Sting, madlori
  3. I recommend getting your heart trampled on to anyone - "You Learn", Alanis Morissette, madlori

  4. We were at a party
    His ear lobe fell in the deep
    Someone reached in and grabbed it - "Rock Lobster", B-52s, grue23

  5. I know you deceived me
    Couldn't sleep last night
    Now my tearstains on the wall reflect an ugly sight
    I can see your secrets -- They Might Be Giants, grue23, "The World's Address", peachespig

  6. And I was lost for words in your arms
    Attempting to make sense of my aching heart - "Not Enough Time", INXS, angeltaisha

  7. You see me in a foreign face
    In ships that sink without trace - "The Advesary", Crime and the City Solution, grue23

  8. Lights go out and I can’t be saved - "Clocks", Coldplay, madlori

  9. And you know it's time to go - "A Sort of Homecoming", U2, grue23

  10. The streets are lined with camera crews - "Family Snapshot", Peter Gabriel, grue23

These songs have something in common. Guess the songs, guess the theme

  1. I can hear the soft breathing of the girl that l love
    As she lies here beside me, asleep with the night
    And her hair in a fine mist floats on my pillow
    Reflecting the glow of the winter moonlight
    - "Wednesday Morning 3AM", Simon & Garfunkel, unguessed

  2. Hello, I saw you, I know you, I knew you - "Pop Song '89", REM, freudian_slip

  3. baby, your da-da loves you - "'97 Bonnie & Clyde", Tori Amos/Eminem, madlori

  4. I used to live in New York City
    Everything there was dark and dirty - "Twelve-Thirty (Young Girls are Coming to the Canyon)", The Mammas and the Pappas, angeltaisha

  5. It was January, [song title] - "1963", New Order, grue23

Theme: songs referencing a date or time, grue23
Tags: music game

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