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September Update; October Goals

Days written: 28/30
Words written: 21,063
Words of fic written: 18,499
Percentage of fic words written in a single day: 24%
Stories worked on: Nine
Stories posted: Five

Specific goals:

1. Write at least six days per week, except while traveling Not only did I manage this, I wrote every day that I was gone. Thank bringing the laptop along for that one.

2. Finish rough draft of [community profile] megaflare_ff story. Not at all, although I did make enough progress that I felt comfortable submitting it for art. Hey, anyone want to illustrate a FFXII/Dragon Age crossover? Claims open through Sunday!

3. Write and post at least one fic for the Chocobo Races. Totally dropped the ball on this one. /o\

4. Complete draft of [community profile] newgameplus story. Well, I outlined it to the end today. So maybe it counts?

5. Write and post epic ASoIaF post. No; I ended up feeling like I didn't have much new to say about the series. I did write about other people's reaction to ASoIaF as well as an epic joint post with [personal profile] renay, though.

I set myself goals to do things, so what do I do instead? Write more Dragon Age stories, both the ideas that have been kicking around my brain and stories inspired by various prompts -- one for dragonage_kink (that's the one that drove me to 4300 words in one day) and three for the weekly prompt fests on dragon_age (I haven't crossposted those here yet, but the worthwhile ones are up on my AO3 page). Someday I'll be able to better balance my older fandoms with the newer one, but I fear that day is not yet here.

Given that, and various deadlines that are looming the next couple of months, let's set some direction for October:

1. Write an average of six days per week. It might seem silly to turn this down given how well I've kept up with it, but October is always a busy month.

2. Finish and submit [community profile] newgameplus story -- due in a week!

3. Complete draft of Mega Flare story

4. Finish and post "Old Friends" followup or one of my other Dragon Age WIP. I don't want to continue the habit I developed with FFX/X-2, wherein I would write a good chunk of a story and then leave it to sit for weeks, months, years, forever. I need to keep rolling on things and get them completed within reasonable amounts of time. I need to force myself to write endings. This is my determined face.

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