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A random collection of DA thoughts

I decided to put my current DA:O replay on hold in order to start the f!Cousland Awakening playthrough, for a number of reasons but mostly because this iteration of f!Cousland is a main character in my Mega Flare story, I've never written about her specifically, and I needed to get back into her head. It seems to be helping.

Have been to Kal'Harol, now working on the Wending Wood. A few things I've noticed so far:

1. Sigrun is awesome. I wish they'd found a way to work her into DA2. Maybe she'll show up in the next game.

2. Somehow I missed noticing last time that Velanna is portrayed by Grey DeLisle, the same voice actress who plays Azula on Avatar: TLA. This? Is perfect. Need a violent, short-tempered female character who throws a lot of fireballs? Time to call Grey DeLisle!

3. Anders. I noticed the personality differences between DA:A and DA2, of course, but coming back to Awakening was a really stark reminder of just how much he had changed. When the party encounters Wynne in the city, and she tells you that the Liberatians are agitating for a split from the Chantry, and Anders basically says "Even I know that's a terrible idea"? I nearly fell out of my seat. Not to mention his reaction of shock and horror at the deaths of innocent bystanders in the Wending Wood. So much for that. What a difference a year makes, not to mention possession by an immortal spirit who doesn't understand the nature of compromise. I do think the evolution of Anders is well-explained by canon and not beyond the bonds of believability, and I actually find him more interesting in his DA2 incarnation, but it's been fun to hang out with the snarky flirt again.

Also, we did download Mark of the Assassin for DA2 and started it on Friday night; we're maybe four hours into it. So far, I'd say it's entertaining, but not as compelling as Legacy. Then again, Legacy was pretty much my favorite part of DA2, so that's a lot to live up to. I'll hold more detailed thoughts for after we've finished.

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