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Quick "Mark of the Assassin" thoughts

It... was okay. Not amazing. Especially not in comparison to Legacy. It felt shorter. More sparse. Too focused on Tallis. I found her interesting enough, would have enjoyed seeing her developed over a longer game, but as drop-in character who's basically the star of the show? That's my main issue, now that I think about it: too much Tallis, not enough Companions. A good chunk of MotA, maybe as much as half, is Hawke and Tallis without the rest of the party along. Compare that to Legacy, which -- at least for a party of Bethany, Varric, and Anders -- integrated the companions much more thoroughly. That may account for a good bit of my disappointment. Admittedly, I'm more likely to find a Grey Warden story compelling than a Qunari or Orlesian story. Not that the Qunari and Orlesians aren't interesting, but it's not the same. So maybe I was primed to like Legacy better.

As with Legacy, it was nice to get a change of scenery. Some interesting enemies, and a couple of actual puzzles made for a good change of pace. From my party, I brought along Anders (because LI) and Aveline (because Orlesians), and that was a good combo banterwise as well as for balancing combat. Not a lot of dialogue or banter, but what there was, I enjoyed, especially one cute and hilarious moment between Anders and Hawke toward the end.

Probably I missed some things -- I know I didn't complete all the sidequests. And I expect I'll play again at some point, just for different party combinations, especially as I replay the full game. But now I know to moderate my expectations for the DLC a little more. They can't all be Awakening or Legacy, after all.

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