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October Update; November Goals

Days written: 28/31
Words written: 17,466
Words of fic written: 16,735
Total wordcount for the year: 159,955 \o/
Stories worked on: Six
Stories posted: Five

Specific goals:

1. Write an average of six days per week. Done.

2. Finish and submit [community profile] newgameplus story. Successful, with a few hours to spare!

3. Complete draft of Mega Flare story Ummmmmm... Well. I made progress. But not as much as I would like.

4. Finish and post "Old Friends" followup or one of my other Dragon Age WIP. Posted two chapters of "Separation of Powers". So, not finished, but progress at least.

So, I managed the one thing that I absolutely had to do, but not the other thing that I kind of absolutely had to do. And now it's November, which has all kinds of challenges -- Mega Flare is due, NaBloWriMo (which I am doing, though I haven't talked about it yet, so I suppose this post is my official declaration of intent), a concert week, Thanksgiving, and visits from out of town friends two weekends in a row. But deadlines and projects come as they will, so I'll make of it what I can. With all this in mind, my goals:

1. Write or edit fic every day until my Mega Flare is done, at least five days a week thereafter.

2. Post to my journal every day, and at least three substantial posts per week. This is a light goal for NaBloWriMo, for me, but given how little I've been posting lately I think that makes enough of a challenge.

3. Finish and post Mega Flare story... for certain values of "finished". It has become increasingly clear that, even if I dropped everything else and did nothing but write for the next two weeks, it wouldn't be completely done. But I do have a pretty decent draft for what feels like a complete "Part One." So that's my goal: fill the gaps and polish up to the break point, and then post the first half of the story, with the intention of getting Part Two finished by early next year. It'll still be over my selected wordcount, and it'll be a much better, more polished entry than a half-assed rough draft of the complete story would be. Or so I keep telling myself... Because of various scheduling issues, I have a hard deadline on this one: Friday, November 11th.

4. Complete and post the final chapter(s) of "Separation of Powers" and my current dragonage_kink WIP.

This, I feel, is more than enough. Wish me luck.

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