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December is for meta?

[personal profile] wallwalker proposes making December a month for meta and puts up some essay ideas. I think this is a great idea; talking about fandom meta, writing my own posts and getting into long complicated discussions about details of canon and how different people "do" fandom and feminist analysis of texts and such are some of my favorite things. Meta is how ideas are shared, and one of the best ways for people to form community. My feminist defense of FFX-2 and my Paine/Nooj 'ship manifesto were both pieces I loved writing, both the process of putting the posts together and the discussions they sparked, especially the former, and I would put them up against any fiction I've ever written in terms of their quality. So I love this plan, not just because I look forward to what [personal profile] wallwalker and anyone else who participates comes up with, but because it could give me an excellent excuse to get into it myself.

Back when I started this journal, I had expect it to be a place for essays and other non-fiction writing -- fanfic wasn't even a glimmer in my eye at that point. And I do that some, but I'd like to do that more. So maybe that goes along with what I said yesterday about putting more focus on long form writing in this space, at least some of which would definitely be fandom meta. Something to think about, anyway.

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