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Writing experiment: success

A friend invited me to a writing day at his house today. I've never done writing in a group setting before -- by myself in cafes, yes, all the time, but never with other people who were also writing during specified blocks of time (social hour, two hours of writing, half hour break, two more hours of writing). I was curious to see how it would work for me -- would being in the presence of other writers, all (as far as I know) working on original fiction, some friends and some strangers, make me too self-conscious to write? I wasn't 100% certain I could be productive.

Four hours, 4,434 words, and a near-complete draft of my Mega Flare story later, I can safely say: yes, it does work for me, and very well. Especially for the kind of word dump writing I need to do today. I plugged in my headphones, mostly turned off the social Internet (I kept access up for checking maps and stuff, and did look at my mail a few times, but I purposefully logged out of IM), and just wrote. Every scene that I knew I still needed to draft, plus a couple I didn't know I needed until I started writing them. It was an excellent exercise, and I'm feeling much better about my chances of getting this story actually done.

Next step: stitch the thing together (I'm trying out Scrivener for the first time, which I think has been pretty effective for a longer story written out of order; I really wish I'd had it for "A Guardian's Legacy") and see what's missing. Then write what's missing, smooth the transitions, fix up the end a little, and come up with a title. Totally doable in five days. Right? Right.

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