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"Wardens of Ivalice: Part One"

Title: Wardens of Ivalice, Part One: The Joining
Fandoms: Dragon Age & Final Fantasy XII
Rating: T
Wordcount: 26,909
Characters: Ashe, Balthier, Basch, Fran, Elissa Cousland, Alistair, Nathaniel Howe, Alim Surana, many others.
Pairings: Ashe/Balthier, Alistair/Cousland. For now.
Spoilers: For FFXII and Dragon Age: Origins. Includes characters from Awakening but no major spoilers. No references to DA2.
Notes: So here it is, unleashed upon the world at last: my giant crossover of doom. I've never attempted a crossover of this magnitude before, so I hope it works. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks to everyone who encouraged me to take this direction, and to all my IM friends who haven't played Dragon Age but put up with my babbling and idea-flings regardless. Enjoy!

Summary: Two years after war's end, Queen Ashe is confronted with a new threat: an invading darkspawn army, bursting from underground caverns throughout the world. Fortunately for Ivalice, Warden-Commander Elissa Cousland and her team of Grey Wardens are not far behind.

Link to story, on AO3

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Tags: alistair/warden, dragon age, ff12, fic, it seemed like a good idea at midnight, mega flare!, posting, wardens of ivalice

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