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Ah, November

This is the portion of our program where we have run out of planned topics to cover and are so busy with concerts and friends visiting from out of town and getting ready for the holidays that we don't have time or energy to think of more.

Well, here's an easy one: rehearsals are going well. It's been awhile since I came out of a first dress feeling that good about an upcoming concert. I had been sort of iffy on one of the pieces (a contemporary setting of English Christmas poetry), but I like it a lot better with the orchestra. So, fingers crossed that it continues to go well, and that I don't collapse into an exhausted mess after it's done. Concerts Friday night and Sunday afternoon. Very glad that it's looking like I'll have Saturday entirely off...

ETA: Oh, wait, I know! I'll post about the [community profile] ff_exchange Friending meme! On DW and on LJ. It's been friending meme season lately, in both FF and DA, which is awesome -- meeting new people always makes me happy, and I find friending memes a lower-stress way to do so. Check them out.

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