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After literally years of slow deterioration, I have finally replaced my car stereo. The old unit had all kinds of problems -- I couldn't always control the volume, or the sound would literally cut out entirely, sometimes for hours. It has a CD player, something I've never had in my car before. More importantly, it also has a line-in, which means no more wrestling with adaptors to play my iPod in the car. Whee!

The installation didn't go as smoothly as might have been hoped. I bought the unit online. The store had an option to purchase installation at a local store, but there were all kinds of weirdnesses with arranging appointments and having to buy all kinds of weird accompanying equipment. T did a bunch of research and decided that he thought he could install it himself, so I skipped it. Well, he was able to install it in the end, but the whole process took five hours (he thinks it probably should have taken about two) and he's still not convinced it's in there right. I think it's likely fine, but it doesn't quite meet his standards of perfection. Well, as long as it plays and isn't trivially easy to steal, I'm happy. And I think we made it on both counts.

Things continue as usual otherwise. My shoulder is whining at me a little after its first day back in full use. Possibly because I carried laundry baskets up and down stairs. Nothing serious. I did my new exercises and they seemed to go fine. Also got some writing done, about half a chapter, and I think it came out pretty well.

Also, more lines. I am completely shocked that one of these is still unanswered. Maybe this will be the giveaway.
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