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The secret life of the Internets

Tumblr is very often proving the be the source of all truth. Here's the one that came across my dash today:

Original post here, by [tumblr.com profile] miaman

How many times have I been on both sides of this screen? Only almost every day since I joined my first online community. I do try to comment and to put myself out there, so the second frame speaks to me a little bit more, but really only a little. There are definitely days where I'm too intimidated to comment, too convinced that no one really cares what I have to say, even though I know, know that it isn't really true. (probably)

Yesterday night, I was going through the Jay Smooth back catalog again, as you do, and one of the videos I watched was The Little Hater, his video about creativity and how we stifle it in ourselves, the little voice in all our heads that tells us that we aren't good enough, so why bother? One of the things that helps him, and helps all of us, beat the Little Hater is building connections. Which is what fandom and online community should all be about, right?

Just thoughts; I've talked about this many times and rarely come to any conclusions. But it's a conversation I'd like to keep having.

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