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Project fail!

*Looks at calendar, looks at goals for meta writing, mourns*

I think it's safe to say that meta!December isn't happening for me this time around -- first it was work, then an evil cold, then fic bunnies, then work again, not to mention my DA2 replay and the two Dragon Age holiday exchanges I signed up for. (I have a complete draft for one. The other is kind of sort of not really even started yet.) Maybe January will be a better time.

I also need to decide whether or not to sign up for getyourwordsout again, and if so, whether to stick to the 150k level or go back to 200k. I did 200k in 2010 and managed it fairly easily, but only because my [community profile] megaflare_ff story was almost 60 thousand words. This year, I blew past 150k before the end of October, but unless something quite unexpected happens in the next two weeks, I'm not hitting 200k this year. Then again, if I'd had a higher goal in front of me, maybe I would have finished more stories, or blogged more, or written more meta. On the third hand, maybe I don't need to sign up at all -- maybe having my monthly goals is enough to motivate me now. I never really cared all that much about the word count; I signed up for the challenge mostly to impose a structure and accountability on my writing goals. Do I still need that? Will I get lazy without it? I have until December 31st to decide...

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