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LJ speaks, sort of

New news post, in which they address the comment pages outcry... kinda.

Rest assured, we are paying close attention to all of your feedback.... We're also aggregating all your feedback about the presentation and usability of the commenting form in the general sense, including items missing from the previous version, and the appropriate project teams are reviewing this feedback to help guide what further changes will be made. Thank you for your patience as we continue to work on the new commenting system.

As I said in my comment to that post (but in nicer words), I find this statement so disingenuous, I could scream. If they cared about paying close attention to our feedback, they wouldn't have rolled out this change in the first place. People have been complaining, requesting, begging them not to change the commenting functionality ever since we first got wind of the possibility last week. The negative reaction cannot possibly have come as a surprise to them. How can we trust them to listen to user feedback when they could have prevented the problem by paying attention to the feedback we were already giving them?

And yet, they keep doing this. Implement drastic change without any prior warning, let people scream and howl for a little while, roll the change back, then sneak a more moderate version back in once the uproar has died down. I wonder when a critical mass of users will finally get sick of it.

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