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Days written: 25/31
Words written: 16,603
Words of fic written: 12,821
Stories worked on: Nine (including one finished story from the kmeme, cleaned up to post on AO3)
Stories posted: Six, plus the above repost.
Words written in 2011: 193,129 (!)
Fic words in 2011: 156,411 (!! -- I could have made my getyourwordsout on fic alone!)
Fic words posted in 2011: 138,277

That last one is pretty striking when you compare to last year; I actually wrote slightly more fic this year than last (156k versus 148k), but my total wordcount for 2010 was considerably higher (223k). I didn't do enough "Other" writing in 2011 for me to even bother putting it on the chart, and I also did way less journaling -- 52k words in 2010 versus 35k in 2011. It's less obvious on the charts, but on my spreadsheets, it's clear that my journal writing fell off a cliff in May and never really came back. I'm sure it's no coincidence that this is around the time my Dragon Age obsession really took off.

Anyway, goals.


1. Write an average of six days per week. Not quite. I don't think six days a week is realistic for December in general, what with travel and events and such. Remember for next year, self.

2. Write at least two posts per week for the December is for Meta challenge. Not even close. I want to get back to all the topics I was contemplating, but I don't think a focused month is going to be the way.

3. Complete and post stories for the two DA holiday exchanges I signed up for, and write at least one for the [community profile] ff_exchange Chocobo Races. The holiday exchange fics were both done in time, and I was pretty happy with them, especially "Like a Glove", but I didn't even look at the Chocobo Races. January. I am determined.

4. Finish up at least two WIPs (Separation of Powers and/or more of the Alistair/Aeducan stories). I worked on Separation of Powers but didn't finish it. Wrote a couple of shorts in the Alistair/Aeducan universe but that's about it. The DA holiday exchange stories ended up being more difficult than I expected them to be, and the deadline stories had to come first.


1. Successfully hit the getyourwordsout target. Yes, with plenty of room to spare.

2. Finish "Aftermath" -- completely: signed, sealed, and delivered -- by the end of June. This happened on July 10th. I'll call it close enough.

3. Finish more WIPs than I start. Not.... so much, although depending on what you count I actually don't have that many active WIPs at the moment. I do think I got much better this year at wrapping up quick stories rather than letting them languish forever.

4. Participate in at least one Big Bang other than [community profile] megaflare_ff and/or at least one exchange other than FFEX. I'll call this one a success -- I didn't do a second Big Bang, but I did participate in multiple rounds of [community profile] newgameplus and two Dragon Age holiday exchanges, and I wrote two stories for the Porn Battle, neither of which was in a Final Fantasy canon. I am definitely out of my Final Fantasy-only shell, even if my new fandom is still a game fandom.

5. Write at least three journal entries per week and at least one on a substantial topic. Obviously this is where I fell down completely. New fandom with lots of writing inspiration, obsession with a new game, and Tumblr combined to make this pretty much a non-starter. I do want to get back to journal writing, but I have to think about how exactly this will work in my new online world.

I'll probably have more to say about 2011 overall when I do my fanfic wrap post, either later this afternoon or tomorrow sometime, but even though I missed a couple of big goals, I am really satisfied with my progress. I found a new fandom. One that was outside my zone in a number of ways. I don't even know if there are words to convey how big a deal this is to me. I am intimidated by change and scared of taking the initiative to meet new people, and stepping out the door into a new fandom means giant heaping spoonfuls of both. But I did it. Amazing, the things love will make us do.

Also, I finished "Aftermath", which means: I WIN!

Okay, that said: goals for January and beyond.


1. Write an average of six days per week.

2. Finish my recently-claimed kmeme prompt and "Separation of Powers".

3. Start and complete the "30 Days of Dragon Age" meme, with substantial meta posts as much as possible.

4. Participate in the Chocobo Races. For real this time.


1. Finish "Wardens of Ivalice".

2. Make my wordcount goal for getyourwordsout. I returned to the 200k level, because I blew past 150k so easily this year. Time to make it a bit of a stretch.

3. Review every book I read, even if it's just a star rating on GoodReads, and write a substantial review if I can. Reviewing is probably the part of journaling I've missed most, and I feel like I've really lost track of my reading. Two birds with one stone.

4. Work on at least one Final Fantasy fic per month (not counting "Wardens of Ivalice"), ideally to completion and posting. I love these fandoms and don't want to give them up, and this seems the best way to keep my hand in.

5. Go through my WIP files and unwritten fic prompts, organize them, and determine which will be finished and which should go into cold storage. No unfinished story or unwritten prompt is ever completely dead, but I need to prioritize and give more headspace to the ones I really do want to finish.

Similar to last year's goals, but more specific, which I think is important. Will it help? Time will tell.

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