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DA folks! Here is an awesome thing

I have just signed up for the Women of Dragon Age Challenge, a project to promote stories, artwork, and fanmixes featuring the awesome female characters of the Dragon Age series.


Sign-up post


DW mirror

Sign-ups go through the end of the month, fanworks are due on Leap Day (February 29th), and posting begins March 7th.

I am really excited about this -- there are so many fascinating women in these games, with so much great ground to cover, and the hardest thing is going to be deciding what to write. Anora and Sereda? Isabela and Aveline? Marian and Bethany? Oooh, or maybe something from my FFXII crossover universe, although I sadly didn't bring many canon women over from Thedas, just Elissa, Sigrun, and Leliana. Still, there might be something to work with there. Hmm.

Anyway, come join! And if you have thoughts about which of the above you'd like to see, or other prompt ideas, let me know (or leave them in the prompt post).

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