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30 Days of DA: Favorite Quest

I am just a posting machine lately, aren't I? Journaling projects where I get to talk about my latest obsession will do that. I hope you aren't all tired of me yet.

Day Seven: Favorite quest

My favorite major quest line is the Urn of Sacred Ashes in DA:O. It's only quest that takes you all over the map; you have to chase down clues and figure out multiple mysteries, and it also includes some of the only puzzles in the game. Because it covers so much terrain, it includes a good variety of combat, and the major boss battle (by which I mean Kolgrim; I've never beaten the dragon) is challenging but not impossible. I enjoy getting such a strong dose of lore, too. Finally, the Gauntlet includes some really awesome character development moments for the Warden and her companions; it's one of those quests that I want to run with a different party every time. (In Sereda's game, I brought along Team Heretic -- Morrigan, Zevran, and Sten -- and it was highly amusing.)

Similarly, I really enjoy Captured!, because it's one that can play out a lot of different ways depending on who is there and which approach you take, often to entertaining effect.

As for Dragon Age 2, the winner is Legacy, hands-down. I really missed the Grey Wardens in DA2, and Legacy gives us a nice strong dose of Warden lore, especially if you have Anders and/or a Warden Hawke sibling along. Not to mention all kinds of tasty angst if you're romancing Anders, which I was the first time I played. Hawke learning not only that the Calling exists, but just exactly what it looks like, and how it will affect someone she loves is such a well executed gut-punch. Add that to the various reveals on the Hawke family backstory, and you have several hours of KJ-bait. It felt more like Origins to me than most of the rest of DA2, and I enjoyed that about it.

In terms of the smaller quests, my favorite has to be The Long Road. Especially when you bring Isabela along. It's just so entertaining and provides a nice change in tone from the life-or-death nature of the other companion quests.

Also, Aveline/Donnic forever.

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