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30 Days of DA: OTP

Day Twelve: One True Pairing

The answer, of course, is Alistair/Warden, which I can't imagine comes as much of a surprise if you know me, or if you've been following along with this meme. This pairing hits all my buttons for so many reasons, whether it ends well or tragically -- maybe especially if it ends tragically. There is something very appealing to me about a "two of us against the world" romance, a Lovers in a Dangerous Time romance, a finding love among the ruins romance. As well, one of my favorite relationship tropes -- in either romance or friendship, and Alistair/Warden is both in my mind -- is separation and reunion, and depending on how their story plays out, this pairing can have either or both of those, in spades. It should not be any kind of surprise that The Prodigal was one of my first DA stories, or that Duty pretty much wrote itself not long after.

In a way, the most interesting thing to me about this question isn't how I answered it, but the fact that I have an answer at all. I very often have a favorite pairing in a story; I can get just as invested in 'ships as I do in individual characters. But rarely does my love for that pairing bring it to the level of an OTP. When I find a relationship that I become so invested in that I will describe it as an OTP, the chances of my writing fic about that pairing go up a hundredfold: Paine/Nooj, Ashe/Balthier, Marcus/Ivanova. When I wrote my big meta about what sources I become fannish about and why last year, I speculated that discovering an OTP is a big part of the reason, and that has certainly been the case with Dragon Age.

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