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30 Days of DA: Favorite "Bro"

(Arrrgh I had this all typed out and then it got eaten by a bad "select all" job and then that ended up being the autosaved draft and I just hate the Internet and my life right now. Well, here we go again.)

Day Fifteen: Your favorite "bro"

I'm not entirely certain what this question is going for, but I'm going to take it to mean "who is your favorite party member that you don't think of as a romantic character", in which case the answer can be no one other than Varric Tethras.

I didn't fall in love with Varric right away. Instead, it was a slow build, over the course of the first two acts. But by the time we got to his companion quest, it had fully cemented. Unreliable narrators are one of my favorite story tropes, and discovering that Varric is not only unreliable but might just be making the whole thing up -- and maybe for no better reason than to make himself and his friends look good -- made me so very happy. Varric is such an excellent friend. And not just to Hawke, but to everyone else in the party. Hawke may be the force that brought the team together, but I've come to believe that Varric is the glue that keeps them together: saving an open chair or bed at the Hanged Man, ready for a drink or a tale or a friendly game of cards, keeping an eye on everyone and an ear out for the intel they need, the one who's there when they need a hand or an ear. Varric is the eye of Hawke's storm, and I love him for that.

I can't resist honorable mention to Carver, not just for being my favorite literal "bro" in the Dragon Age series but for being one of my favorite brother characters of all time. Not that I don't also love Bethany, because I do -- the Hawke twins are two of my favorite characters in the entire series, and I hate that it's not possible to keep them both. But Carver has earned a special place in my heart, because I am the overachieving older sister with a little brother who sometimes felt lost in my shadow, and so everything about the f!Hawke-vs-Carver dynamic rings true to me. They snipe at each other, push each other's buttons like there's no tomorrow, and yet the basic love and respect they share shines through it all. I love it, and I wish we got more of it in the game.

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