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30 Days of DA: Best buds?

Day Nineteen: Character who’d be your best friend

I thought a lot about this one, and eventually came up with Aveline. She was my Diplomatic Hawke's best friend, after all, and I find so much to admire in her: her emphasis on loyalty and integrity, the seriousness with which she takes her responsibilities, a commitment to working within the rules while still doing as much good as she can. I suspect we'd get along well.

Complete list of questions

In other news, I signed up for Ex Mode! This is a game fandom remix challenge that was a lot of fun last year. And this year I have a whole new fandom's worth of stuff to work with. Should be exciting.

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Jan. 20th, 2012 07:31 am (UTC)
Aww Aveline gets love! I very much agree with this because my best friend is kind of my Aveline. She's very focused, very loyal, always pushing me to work my hardest and be my best, aaaand occassionally crossing her arms and looking disapprovingly at me.

If I did this meme this question would be a little harder though. I can so see Isabela and I being BFFs. I'm generally a really sweet, calm person, but surrounded by the right people I can be a partier and troublemaker. I see Isabela and I getting into A LOT of trouble... With Aveline still crossing her arms. Lol
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