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30 Days of DA: Changes and shocks

Missed a day, oops. I got home late from chorus last night and had to decide between writing and blogging; writing won, for reasons I will expand upon in my next post. Instead, I'll do two days in one today, since these are topics that go together at least a bit.

Day Twenty-Three: Scene you wish you could change the outcome of the most

In Origins: Of course it's got to be Alistair leaving and never coming back if you refuse to execute Loghain at the Landsmeet. I wished, so hard, for some way of talking him into staying -- and I blame Riordan, really, for not bringing up the option earlier to give Alistair time to get used to the idea, and also for not telling them about the need for the Ultimate Sacrifice. Either or both of these pieces of information might have helped tip the scales into helping Alistair see reason. Alternatively, I never quite get over expecting him to show up at Denerim for the final battle. Surely he wasn't so selfish as to not want to protect his homeland in some fashion, even if not fighting at the side of the other Grey Wardens. Surely not. And yet.

In DA2: On the Wounded Coast during Best Served Cold, when you can't stop Grace from killing Thrask. I needed Thrask alive, dammit! I was going to make him the new Knight-Commander when I finally got around to deposing Meredith! I was angry enough at Grace that I almost rethought my position of supporting mages. Almost.

Naturally, I was inspired to write ficbits "fixing" both of these scenarios, sort of: Duty and Gallows Coup.

Day Twenty-Four: Most shocking scene

Origins: Broodmother. I don't think I need to say anything more about that.

DA2: All That Remains. Hawke had lost her father, she'd lost her brother, and she'd all but lost her sister. I couldn't believe that the game would take her mother away, too, so I was certain we'd pull off some sort of dramatic rescue. Until the veiled figure turned around, and we saw what had become of Leandra... So horribly effective.

Complete list of questions

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