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30 Days of DA: Crack OTP

Day Twenty-six: Crack OTP

I don't really have any unusual pairings in this fandom. As with any fandom, I'll read almost anything if it's well-written, and I'll write almost anything to a prompt, but I have yet to really look at an oddball pairing and say: "Yes, this. I 'ship this."

Probably the most offbeat pairing I've written is Lord Harrowmont/Aeducan, which as an unrequited longing thing I can actually kind of see. I've seen a couple of really adorable Dagna/Finn stories, but is that really crack? Not to my mind. Finally, I once saw Malcolm Hawke/Bryce Cousland come up in the random pairing generator, and I thought: "Huh." Might go back to that one, someday. But I wouldn't go so far as to say I 'ship it.

Complete list of questions

In other news, a confluence of factors came together and I'm taking tomorrow off. Random three day weekend, for the win! Some writing, some lazing, some food adventures with SE. Sounds good to me.

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