KJ (owlmoose) wrote,

first monday

So today was the first week day I've really had social plans since my last day in the office -- S and I went to lunch and then the Mars Rover exhibit at NASA Ames. I can already tell that one of the great benefits of not working is going to museums and exhibits during the day, when there are no crowds and not much traffic. (Practically since the day I was laid off, S has been talking about meeting up to go to galleries in the city some afternoon, so clearly she's known about this perk for awhile.) Most of the other folks at the NASA Visitors Center were mothers and retirees. Much like when I went shopping on Friday -- the mall was a mix of retired folks, moms with young children, a few teens playing hooky, and a few folks who looked to be fellow unemployeds. Looks like these will be my compatriots for the time being.

Still getting used to this whole thing. The first thing to go has been a sense of what day it is. Today, for instance, I was convinced literally all day that it was Tuesday. So much so, that when T was wondering about television I suggested the new Queer Eye. "On Monday?" he asked. Duh. Last Thursday I kept thinking it was Saturday. In a way, every day feels like Saturday -- I'm not at work today, and I know I don't have to work tomorrow. I need to figure out some way to better track the passage of time, so that I don't wake up in a month and wonder where it all went.
Tags: friends, mundane
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