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30 Days of DA: Worst part of the games

Day Twenty-eight: Worst part of the games.

Origins: Bugged dialogue. First time through, I had most definitely not made Alistair king, and yet there he was, giving speeches and saying things as if he were. It got me worried that I had made some sort of mistake. The glitches tended to be minor, but they always jarred me. Epilogue bugs, too; I've never had a game without one.

DA2: The signs that development had been rushed. Bad import flags, the repetitive maps (although the resulting fanon that Varric is just really bad at describing the insides of caves, tunnels, mansions, etc. is possibly one of my favorite things in fandom EVER), waves of enemies, the subplots they had to cut, some aspects of the final battle, and so forth. Also the fact that Sebastian was DLC and not as well integrated into the game as a whole. I would much rather they'd taken their time to get everything right. 

But these are really minor issues. It took me ages to even think of one for DA:O that was worth mentioning.

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