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30 Days of Dragon Age: The future?

Day Thirty: Hopes for Dragon Age 3

Mainly, of course, I want a fun game with an excellent story, the chance to learn more about Thedas and to get to know another bunch of awesome companions. If Bioware gives me that, I'll be happy.

More specifically: I hope they don't rush the game through development again. I'd much rather they take their time and ship a solid game, even if means we don't get a new one for a couple of years. I loved DA2, but the gaps and seams really show, especially in comparison to Origins. There are many things I'd like to see return to Origins form -- the more epic scale of the story, and the way romance developed more slowly and naturally, and the option to have casual conversations, not just the ones that advance the plot. However, I really liked the Friend/Rival system, and I'd like to see that continue in some form. Also, the voiced protagonist was a huge improvement in my book; I'm happy to give up the option of multiple origins if that's the trade-off.

I'd like to see another part of the world -- Orlais is most often rumored, but I'm also really curious to see Tevinter, and Antiva, and the Anderfels -- and more of the dwarves and the Qunari. And of course more Grey Warden involvement in the story. I missed the Wardens in DA2 and would love to have them back.

I'm less fussed about seeing specific companions back, or NPCs from Origins and/or DA2 brought back as companions, although sensible cameos would be great, and it does make sense to have some character to connect the stories. I'm not sure who it would be, though. The one I hear suggested most often is Cullen; it's an interesting idea, but I'm not the Cullen fangirl a lot of folks are, so it would have to be handled very carefully for it to work for me. I'd rather see a minor character on the level of Isabela in Origins raised to companion status, although I can't think of a good option off the top of my head. Someone who wouldn't overwhelm the new characters, but would provide a familiar face as a reference point. I think that would be best. (Also, as I'm sure you know, I will never argue with an Alistair cameo.)

Finally, I would love, love, love to see a female PC as the default PC in the game's marketing. Bioware has taken baby steps in this direction with f!Shepard and Mass Effect 3, but how awesome would it be if they were to go all out? Come on, Bioware. Break ground and be awesome. If any game company can make this move, you can.

Complete list of questions

Thus endeth the 30 Days of Dragon Age meme. I hope you enjoyed following along, and that you didn't get tired of the spam. ;) It was a fun exercise, and I'm glad I did it.

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