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DA Kiss battle is a go!

Okay. Let's do this thing. The post for the Dragon Age Kiss Battle is here, and it will open to prompts and fanworks tomorrow morning my time.

Consider this the official promotion request post, and the place to ask questions, and to watch me vibrate with nerves because I've never run a fandom project like this before on my own. >.> Also, if anyone with graphic skills wanted to make a promotional banner or something, I would be all over that because I have no design ability whatsoever.

Whee! Yikes!! Whee!!!

Crossposting note: Because of LJ's recent changes to the comment system, and because the idea of running two simultaneous battles is pretty daunting, I will only be doing this project on the Dreamwidth side. Sorry to anyone for whom this poses a serious issue. Anon comments and OpenID comments are allowed, and Dreamwidth is currently offering freee account creation without invite codes if anyone is interested. Thanks for understanding!

This entry is also posted at http://owlmoose.dreamwidth.org/580607.html. There are currently comment count unavailable comments on DW.
Tags: dragon age, it seemed like a good idea at midnight, overcommitment what overcommitment
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