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Kiss Battle Stories

I have, so far, written four stories for the Dragon Age Kiss Battle; here are their cleaned-up and reposted AO3 versions.

I had been half-planning on drawing a line under the Kiss Battle yesterday, but I know some folks are still working on things, so I'll give it until Tuesday before I do a wrap-up post. And of course, it's never going to officially "close" -- as long as people keep adding stories, I'll keep promoting them on Tumblr and adding them to the master list.

I've also written two for the Final Fantasy Kiss Battle, which I will cross-post soon. For some reason, I've been writing comedy for DA and tragedy for FF. Who knows why.

Title: Fetch
Characters: Alistair, Dog (very gen, I promise)
Prompt: Alistair and Dog, playful

He heard a rustling behind him, and he sighed, turned around. "I said I wanted-- oh, it's you." His irritation faded only slightly at the sight of Dog, Elissa's mabari hound, bounding out of the bushes and up to him, panting.


Title: Easy Money
Characters: Aveline/Isabela, Varric
Prompt: Aveline/Isabela, "It's a bet"

"Haven't you ever heard the expression 'sealed with a kiss'"?


Title: Simple Pleasures
Characters: Bethany/Nathaniel
Prompt: Bethany/Nathaniel, public

Bethany stumbled out of her tent, blinking sleepily; she had been alone when she woke, and that moment of disorientation, reaching out for a lover who wasn't there, still had her out of sorts.

Title: Just This Once
Characters: Anders/Isabela
Prompt: Anders/Isabela, just like old times

Anders tries not to remember the time he spent in the Pearl, but sometimes Isabela makes it impossible to forget.

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