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February Update; March Goals

Days written: 25/29
Words written: 14,804
Words of fic written: 13,033
Stories worked on: Either five or eight, same caveat about the alphabet meme as last month, plus six stories for the various kiss battles and some Tumblr commentfic.
Stories posted: Three full-length stories, three Alphabet stories, and six kiss battle ficbits.
Deadlines missed: Two. *hangs head*


Specific goals:

1. Write an average of five days per week. For the first time since I started tracking words and giving myself goals, I have surpassed this goal in February! I averaged six days per week. Not too shabby.

2. Write and post my stories for the Tumblr Valentine's Day exchange and [community profile] dragonagewomen. Well... I submitted the Valentine's Day fic a day late, and I have a complete draft of my [community profile] dragonagewomen story, but it's not ready by today's deadline. I used to not blow deadlines in fic projects. Then I discovered an exciting new fandom and overcommitted. Gotta start watching that better.

3. Participate in kiss battles, and possibly run one for Dragon Age. Wrote and posted two stories for the Final Fantasy Kiss Battle and did indeed host a Dragon Age version, which was well received, and I think it got pretty good traffic for the first time out! :D

4. Finish the Dragon Age Alphabet stories. Not so much. I hit these hard out of the gate, but then my quickfic writing time got eaten by the kiss battles, and then I had deadlines, and then... but I have ideas and have been writing notes for future stories, so I hope to keep moving on this and finish in March or maybe April.

Yeah, modding a project on top of everything else made this goals list waaaaay too ambitious. Given that, I think I did okay. Not great, but okay.


1. Write an average of five days per week. (Keep it modest because March, even though I beat this last month.)

2. Finish [community profile] dragonagewomen story, claim for [community profile] areyougame, and remix assignment for [community profile] newgameplus.

3. Work on, and ideally finish, the Dragon Age Alphabet.

Only three, but considering that #2 is actually a list, I think that'll do.

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