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Torn on Korra

There is a part of me that wants to jump in with the rest of the Avatar fandom and scoop up every bit of information that I can about this show. Watch ALL the things! Read ALL the things! Speculate about ALL the things!

Then there's another part of me that wants to go into the show knowing as little as possible, having as few expectations as possible. I don't need to know tidbits to get excited about Avatar: Legend of Korra, because I don't think it's possible for me to be more excited! But I don't want to be spoiled, and I don't want to have expectations set impossibly high, or learn things that might annoy me.

So I've been kind of half-scrolling past Korra stuff, and half-looking, and half-longing to take a closer look, and half-wanting to ignore it all. I haven't even watched the latest trailer yet.

I don't know, am I just being weird about this? Should I give in to the squee, or should I stay here in my lonely (mostly) spoiler-free corner?

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