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DA Alphabet Meme: Update

Have I really not crossposted this here since the second chapter? Time to remedy that, since we're now up to Chapter 12 (L is for Legato).

Title: Symphony in C
Fandom: Dragon Age 2
Rating: Most chapters T, overall rating Explicity
Wordcount: 10,092 (12/27 chapters)
Characters: Marissa Hawke, ensemble. f!Hawke/Fenris
Spoilers: Yes; currently up to Act Two, through "A Bitter Pill" and "Questioning Beliefs (Fenris)".

Link to AO3 version.

I'm really pretty happy with how this is going. But it's also making me want to replay this Hawke's DA2 game, which is silly when you think of how many variations I haven't tried yet. I can't help it; I love my surly, grumpy, blunt Marissa to pieces, and I miss hanging out with her.

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