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Quick thoughts on Mad Men

I am so happy this show is back. Reaction thoughts and spoilers behind the cut.

Good stuff. I'm really excited to see how the racial tension issues play out. Also the coming battle of Roger versus Pete, which looks to be epic.

I'm not surprised Don went through with marrying Megan, but I am a little surprised that she got the promotion into copy writing so fast. No wonder Peggy is jealous; I could see the steam coming out of her ears almost every time she looked at her.

Did we know that Don told Megan the truth about his past? I don't remember that happening on screen. What I do remember is that he told his other girlfriend, the age- and time-of-life appropriate one whose name I've already forgotten, and that's what destroyed their relationship. So I was pretty surprised that Megan knew.

I think I like Megan. But I have my doubts that their relationship will last.

I covet that apartment.

Was Harry Crane always such a loathsome troll, and I just forgot? Meanwhile, Pete has really grown up. Whether it's fatherhood or taking on more responsibility at the firm, it looks good on him.

And last but definitely not least, where's Betty? I know January Jones was pregnant during filming, so they often had to work around her, but it was odd to barely even have her mentioned in two episodes.

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