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belated posting announcement

I had enough energy last night to finish Chapter 34 and post it, but not enough to tell the world that I had done so. So those of you who care have probably read it already, but I wanted to mention it here anyway, for completeness sake.

The chapter is insanely long, about 500 words more than any other chapter in the story (and that's after I cut several hundred words -- no cutting for the sake of cutting, I found many places where it genuinely needed tightening). Most of the chapters are between 3000 and 3500; this one is over 4500. The chapter bears it, I don't find it particularly bloated, but it's not what I was expecting it to be when I planned it. Funny how that happens.

I haven't started the next chapter yet; I want to play through a bit of the game first. I hope to get the chance tonight, we'll see.
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