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Finally watched The Legend of Korra

I was waiting for T to finally finish Season 3 of Avatar: TLA, and he did. So we downloaded the free Korra episodes from iTunes and watched it tonight. Fortunately, it lived up to the very high expectations that had been set for me.

Korra is great. It was really important to set her up as character that we could invest in entirely separately from Aang, and they did that admirably. With Tenzin, as well -- you can see what he gets from his father, and what he gets from his mother, and in what ways he is entirely is own person. I get the sense that Aang knew that his son the airbender would most likely have to be the person to teach the next Avatar, and so he did whatever he could to prepare him.

Bolin and Mako seem intriguing enough on a first pass, but they'll need to distinguish themselves from being "new Sokka" and "new Zuko" pretty quick in order to really hold my interest.

I knew (from seeing the images all over the Internet) about Lin Bei Fong and Katara's appearance. Great uses of both characters -- I was all over Lin differentiating herself from her mother by being all about rules and law and order, and Katara is still herself, if a little mellowed by age and time. She looked so happy and so sad, watching Korra, that you know she was seeing the pieces of Aang that still reside within her. It hurt, more than I thought it would, to learn that Sokka is dead, along with presumably many of the others from that series. Nice nose-tweak for Katara not to tell the story of Zuko's mother -- presumably that's being saved for another time.

So happy this universe is back! I look forward to seeing the rest of the story unfold.

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