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So I might be a little bit into The Avengers. T and I went to see it on Saturday, and it was everything I could have hoped for and more. Look at all these awesome people. And their awesome arms (seriously, it is ridiculous). And, um, I might have a ship. Or a couple of ships. I'm seeing it again next Monday with SE so we'll see if they hold up in my mind.

Also, Korra! I am all caught up as of yesterday (with delay on episode 5 thanks to a Tivo incident). And I'm loving it, but I do have one gripe. The love triangles. Oh my god. I can't remember the last time I saw a love triangle this heavy-handed and annoying. Or maybe it's just that it stands out because everything else is so well done. Did we really have to dedicate an entire episode to a tired "Bolin likes Korra but Korra likes Mako and Mako can't decide between Korra and Asami" plot? And why force the decisions at all? I suppose asking a Nickelodeon cartoon to treat polyamory as a serious option is a bit much, but these characters are teenagers. Whatever happened to casual dating? If there is anything that mashes my unlike button harder than a "There Can Be Only One" love triangle (or quadrilateral or whatever shape it happens to be), it's "The person you like at age 16 must be your one true love always!" It's not just unrealistic; I think it actually perpetuates something dangerous. Troublesome.

But otherwise I am quite happy and looking forward to watching the rest.

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