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May update; June goals

Days written: 25/31
Words written: 18,712
Words of fic written: 10,497
Stories worked on: Four, plus two Alphabet stories and several ficbits
Stories posted: Three, plus two Alphabet stories and six ficbits.
New fandom obsessions discovered: One. Not quite on the level of "now I'm going to write ALL the fic" (just one so far, plus a couple of ideas), but in terms of mindspace occupied? Yeah, it's a lot.

A lot of meta this month, between a writing meme I did, Avengers chatter, and a character development exercise proposed by [personal profile] vieralynn, which is going to be in progress for awhile. You might see the results of that one in July. Regarding the goals I set for myself:

1. Write at least six days per week. (Except for my Memorial Day Weekend trip.) Excluding the trip, yes.

2. Finish at least one story for Final Fantasy Exchange. Done! It should go live this weekend. For the first time in several years, I didn't write any pinch hits, mostly because I didn't have time -- the pinch hit period was at the same time as a concert week, and then my vacation. So I decided not to put a hard fic deadline on top of that.

3. Finish up Tumblr milestone prompt fics. Got one, not the other.

4. Work on the Alphabet meme. Not as much as I would have liked, mostly because I got really stalled on "T". That went up today; I know what I'm writing for U, but V is a hard call. I also need to figure out what to do about X, because unless I come up with a really boffo idea for "xylophone"...

Goals for June:

1. Write six days per week, excluding the week that I'm in Italy. (holy crap I'm going to Italy)

2. Finish the last milestone prompt and the Alphabet Meme. (We'll save Wardens of Ivalice for July.)

3. Finish the character development interview project.

4. Science Bros fic as requested by [personal profile] renay? Well..... we'll see. ;)

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