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Sigh of relief

Finally, finally this quarter is over -- Saturday was the last day of classes, Monday I had a presentation to faculty, and today was our all-school meeting, which pretty much rounds things out. I guess I never did write that epic post about why it was such a stressful time, but I promise you aren't missing much besides lots of complaining. I don't expect anything much to change next quarter, sadly. But I think we have a better handle now on how to do what we can within the staff and financial limitations the corporate overlords have imposed on us, so it should go more easily. At least until they pull the rug out from under us again.

In today's meeting, and also in his announcements to the faculty yesterday, the dean mentioned me and the other librarian, and gave us kudos for keeping everything together in the face of changes and cutbacks. It was a surprise, and a nice one. I think a lot of us in academic administration are so used to the idea that we will bend over backwards to shield the students and faculty from financial constraints and bad decisions by upper management that it just becomes expected. So it felt good to be acknowledged, to hear that they know it's not an easy thing to do and that our efforts are appreciated.

Anyway. Now I can start putting the last three months behind me and start looking forward to tomorrow, when I will get on a plane and then be in Rome. So excited, you have no idea. Can I just close my eyes and be there now?

My computer is coming with me, and I do have wireless where I'm staying, but I don't expect to be online much, so this is me, mostly signing off for now. Ciao! See you in a week. :)

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