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June update; July goals

Days written: 21/30
Words written: 15,425
Words of fic written: 9,409
Words written in 2012: 100,432 (75,053 of fic) - halfway there!
Stories worked on: Five, including a ficbit, and nine Alphabet stories
Stories posted: Three (one ficbit), and the rest of the Alphabet stories.

June goals:

1. Write six days per week, excluding the week that I'm in Italy. If you count the two days after I got back as part of my vacation, then yes. Mostly thanks to my mad rush to finish the Alphabet stories before I left. I also wrote a tiny bit on the trip, and poked at a few things mentally without setting any words down.

2. Finish the last milestone prompt and the Alphabet Meme. Success! Although I haven't gotten all the Alphabet stories clean enough for posting on AO3 yet. For now, they can be found on Tumblr.

3. Finish the character development interview project. No, but I made good progress on it, especially during downtime in Rome.

4. Science Bros fic as requested by [personal profile] renay? Well..... we'll see. ;) Started, a little bit. Although so far all I've written is Steve having a bit of conversation with Pepper. Which shows you where my Avengers fandom priorities lie. ;)

As has become traditional (in the Bryn Mawr, "twice is a tradition" sense), halfway through the year I also like to take stock of my annual goals.

1. Finish "Wardens of Ivalice". This has mostly been on hold for other projects, although I've poked at it a little bit. But I am determined to finish at least Part 2 this year (I think it's going to end up being three stories, in all).

2. Make my wordcount goal for getyourwordsout. On pace.

3. Review every book I read, even if it's just a star rating on GoodReads, and write a substantial review if I can. I've fallen behind on this a lot, although I do feel like I'm writing more about books, movies, and TV than I did last year.

4. Work on at least one Final Fantasy fic per month (not counting "Wardens of Ivalice"), ideally to completion and posting. I have succeeded in this every month but June, mostly thanks to various WIPs and project sign-ups.

5. Go through my WIP files and unwritten fic prompts, organize them, and determine which will be finished and which should go into cold storage. I haven't done this in any formal way; maybe I should make it a goal for an upcoming month (probably not July).

Not doing too badly, overall, given that life decided to kick my ass in some exciting and unexpected ways this year.

Goals for July:

1. Write an average of six days per week.

2. Finish character development meme. (And post? I don't know, is anyone really interested in reading that many non-fic words about Sereda Aeducan?)

3. Finish and post last chapter of Separation of Powers -- I set that one aside because I found it too difficult to write a Marian Hawke-based fic while I was immersed in Marissa Hawke for the Alphabet meme. (The biggest problem, actually, was getting back into Bethany's head -- she's the POV character for substantial bits of the chapter, and I was feeling too distant from her.) But it's at least half written, and I'd like to get it done.

4. Work on Wardens of Ivalice and Science Bros.

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