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One game ends, another game begins

Kasia Brosca finished Dragon Age: Awakening tonight.

For the first time ever, I earned the epilogue where Sigrun stays with the Wardens (even though I maintain headcanon that she stayed with both Sereda and Elissa, too), but Nathaniel decided the Wardens weren’t for him and left to seek his fortune. Does that mean I don’t get “Finding Nathaniel” when I import this save into DA2? Boooooo. Particularly irritating because this was supposed to be the canon that sets me up a Bethany/Nathaniel future. Anders… well, he and Kasia became fast friends almost immediately, but we all know how that’s going to turn out, regardless of epilogue cards. Sigh.

And thus ends my Dwarf Commoner Dragon Age playthrough. Kasia has no need to track down Morrigan, and I don’t particularly want to play Golems again, so this is it. I’m going to miss my spunky, outspoken dwarf girl. I see plenty of future for her in fic and headcanon, but as far as playing her game goes, I am done. Until I recreate her for my Mac, perhaps…

But first, my thoughts turn to DA2, which is next on the docket. (Interspersed with the Mahariel game I started on my Mac the other day, and also replaying Sereda Aeducan on the Mac -- literally, I could do nothing but play Dragon Age for months, which is a little scary.) My main goal for this playthrough is to support the Templars — I’ve never done that, and I am very, very curious to see the differences. Other things I have not done: played a male Hawke, played a warrior, sent Bethany to the Grey Wardens (or Carver to the Templars, but I’m pretty sure this not going to be a mage game), romanced Isabela past the first hook-up, romanced Merrill or Sebastian at all, played a purple Hawke, rivaled anyone other than Merrill or Fenris…

Obviously, I am not going to get all that into one game. I find myself very likely to play at least once more after this, to follow up on my Mahariel, so I don’t have to catch everything, and there are some things I don’t feel super-compelled to ever do (romancing Merrill, for example, or rivaling Varric). I am pretty convinced I want to play m!Hawke, and I had hoped the Isabela romance would be next, but my current concept is a Hawke who believes in Andraste and in law and order, leading them to feel that, at least in Kirkwall, supporting the Chantry and a strong Circle is best means toward keeping the most people safe. (Note: this is not necessarily what I believe. But I think it’s reasonable for a certain sort of Hawke to believe it, and I think it’ll make for an interesting role-playing experience.) And I have a hard time seeing that sort of Hawke in a friendly romance with Isabela, and I have my doubts about rivalmancing her. So I’m not sure how that’s all going to end up. Anders rivalmance, maybe? That, I am curious about.

The other thing I’ve been thinking: a devout and law-abiding (within the restrictions of canon) Hawke could make an excellent setup for a Sebastian romance. But that means playing f!Hawke again, and much as I love f!Hawke, I really did want to get the experience of playing as male.

So (and I salute you if you slogged through all that), opinions? Is this my best opportunity for an all-out Sebastian romance game? Or should I roll up the m!Hawke warrior I’ve been planning all along and just see where it goes?

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